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Kanile'a (joyful sound) specialize in professional grade musical instruments. Each `ukulele is finely hand crafted using the highest grade, well-seasoned wood and scaled to produce a perfect intonation. These instruments are meticulously built by skilled craftsmen, under the guidance of Master Luthier, Joseph Souza. Their state of the art, humidity controlled facilities in Kaneohe, Hawaii allows Kanile`a to balance "Traditions and Technologies".  Every 'ukulele comes with a 100% customer satisfaction, money back guarantee and our industry leading limited lifetime warranty.

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   If you are looking for the best in Hawaiian hand-made ukuleles, look no further!  The Kanile'a satin concert sports traditional aesthetic simplicity as well as modern innovation that will please the ear of even the most discerning critics!  Here is a link to our blog article on some of the modern features of Kanile'a ukuleles.




Thomas W. Rodriguez is best known for building top level custom hand built concert Classical and Flamenco guitars with aged woods that bring a level of quality that simply can't be recreated with modern materials.  In the last several years he has delved into the world of ukulele building and quickly become a sought after craftsman in this department. 


His ukuleles are made from the highest quality components available and are 100% hand crafted from start to finish.  He represents a small cross section of custom luthiers who remain completely commited to making the best instruments that can be made and adhering to levels of perfection that make every single ukulele an individual and one-of-a-kind work of art. 


Tommy Rodriguez works in a small one man workshop and produces a limited number of instruments per year, which guarantees that any ukulele he builds will be among the best of the best on the planet.  For those looking for a very special and unique instrument with a wonderful story that will bring the joy of music and fine craftsmanship into your collection, a Rodriguez instrument is the one for you.  We are very proud to be working directly with Tommy as an authorized dealer of his second to none ukuleles!

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Kala Brand is a fairly recent additon to the world of ukulele.  Started in 2005 by Mike Upton, Kala has proved to be on the forefront of innovation and creativity.  In many ways, they have set the standard for quality ukes at pricepoints that won't break the bank.  Check out our Kala inventory to see the diversity of their line!



The Magic Fluke Company builds all of their instruments in the USA.  Located in Sheffield, Massachusetts this family run business produces Flea, Fluke, and Firefly ukulele models.  There are many aesthetic options available, but all the ukes are built using a combination of composite (plastic, fiberglass, polycarbonate) materials as well as wood.  Unique in sound and looks, the Magic Fluke Company provides USA built quality and a cool and hip new take on the ukulele.  Click here to browse our fluke and flea ukulele inventory.






The Hawaiian word “Moku” means Island, which was the original inspiration for these beautiful Ukuleles. There is just something so simple and beautiful about the Ukulele –just like the Polynesian Islands they originated from. Play one yourself and bring your self back to the Islands.


Moku Ukuleles are amazing sounding instruments that have the craftsmanship of higher-grade instruments but with an affordable price tag. All Instruments are designed and spec’d in San Francisco then manufactured with Top Notch Workshops overseas. When you play our Ukuleles you can’t put one down, it’s quite contagious! The Tone, the higher-grade wood used, the attention to detail, and the overall playability of these fine Ukes is what makes these instruments stand out.

Browse our Moku selection!





Founded in 1997, Cordoba has quickly created a solid and respected name for itself in this modern, highly competative marketplace.  They are also relatively new in the ukulele world, but have wasted no time getting down to business.  They have created an aesthetically appealing and extremely good sounding line of ukes.  Cordoba ukes are definately a contender at any price point so don't forget to give them a try, you won't regret it!  Click here to browse our Cordoba inventory online.




Ohana definately gets the "quality control" award as far as I'm concerned.  Their goal is to provide high quality ukes at reasonable prices, and they accomplish this with the sheer attention to detail that goes into every instrument.  If you aren't familiar with their instruments, check out our Ohana inventory!






These days Lanikai is all about inovation.  They have come up with some revolutionary ideas, including moveable saddle pieces (tunauke) that adjust intonation, and USB connection jacks right on the uke!  They have quite a few great models available, and many more coming in the near future.  Solid construction, great value, and revolutionary ideas are the theme here.  View our Lanikai ukulele selection online!







Islander Ukuleles is a sub-brand of Kanile'a.  They have taken their amazing ukulele design skills and created a lower cost, out-source built product that holds up to the fine standards of excellence they have become known for.  Islander provides a very solid sounding, wonderful playing and aesthetically pleasing line of affordable yet uncompromising instruments.  If you are looking for superior quality instruments designed and created by Hawaiian ukulele experts, these are the ukuleles for you!  Have a look at our Isander Ukulele Inventory.







Kohala ukes are a great choice for anyone looking for an introductory student model uke with great looks and sound.  I'm always on the lookout for the price thresh hold that divides mere "toys" from a true instrument, and Kohala never fails to impress with the level of quality and tone they provide at such affordable prices.  Click here to view our inventory of Kohala ukes.




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