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Do you have an instrument that has lost the “magic” it may once have had?  Has the action slowly gotten higher over the years, causing the playability and “feel” to suffer?  Maybe you are in need of a new set of strings, or perhaps a full “set-up” is all it will take to reclaim that new feel.  Every instrument will need at least some level of basic maintenance over the years.  We can do bridge adjustments, intonation, saddle and nut adjustments, string changes, truss rod maintenance, fret leveling, electronics work and much more right here in the shop.  Our turn around times are very quick, and often we can take care of the problem while you wait. 

Almost all new instruments don’t get the attention they need from the manufacturers, who set up the instruments to very broad “specs” that usually allow plenty of room for improvement.  Even a new instrument can  greatly benefit from a set up and a few simple adjustments. 

Humidity and temperature changes can also create a whole set of issues with your instrument.  It is always good practice to use a humidifier or dehumidifier when appropriate, but after the damage is done, a set up can bring that buzzy, bad feeling instrument back from the dead.  If you aren’t sure whether you need to worry about humidity with your instrument, just ask, we can help you find the answer to your  questions and help address the problems you may be having. 



Our rates are very competitive, and vary with the amount of attention the instrument needs, but here are a few base rates.  Keep in mind that every instrument is different and will need slightly different adjustments, so we can’t give you an exact estimate over the phone. 



Examination/Estimate: FREE
String Change: $12 plus cost of strings
Set-up: $55 base rate that includes nut and saddle adjustment, intonation and truss rod adjustment as well as a full assessment of the overall function of the instrument.













If you aren't sure what is wrong with your instrument, give us a call at 804-254-4600, or better yet stop by the shop and we can check it out FREE of charge. 

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